You Can’t Sell in the Summer

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You Can’t Sell in the Summer

I hear it every year from reps I train and reps my company manages…”You can’t close business in the summer because everyone is on vacation.”

If you have “sensitive eyes” don’t read the next line:


It’s a load of baloney that you can’t sell during the summer months because everyone is on vacation.

According to a 2014 study, the average American worker is entitled to 16 days of paid leave. But the length of the average vacation lasts just over four days! Only 25 percent of workers say they take all the time off that’s due them (Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction Survey). In fact, 15 percent of Americans report taking NO time off.

Let’s say that ALL Americans took all 16 days off and we all took them off at the same time, during the summer…that would mean American business would shut down for slightly over three weeks in July or August, leaving another 5 weeks of summer where we were all at work, doing business. Of course, we DON’T all take vacation at the same time and, according to the study quoted above, 15% of us take NO time off at all.

The fact is, “You can’t sell in the summer because everyone is on vacation,” is a mindset and an excuse. In your head, you believe everyone is on vacation, and when you call and they don’t answer it PROVES it to you that you’re right. This offers you an excuse, for yourself and your manager, when you don’t close anything.

Is it harder to reach people on Friday afternoons after 3:00 in the summer? Yup. But not every company has “summer hours” and even if they did, that still leaves Monday through Thursday all day and Friday you can do business until early afternoon.


Salespeople either have excuses, or closed business. 

Which will you CHOOSE?

Make It Happen,


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