I often get feedback via email after our newsletters go out, and I appreciate it every time. As a trainer, it’s my job to help salespeople and sales managers learn to do their jobs more effectively so they can feed their families. I’m blessed, in that I often gets to learn from the people I’m paid to teach and from the people I’ve come to know over my years in sales and sales management.


After my last newsletter, I heard from a longtime friend, John Hill – The Trade Show Coach, and it was such an important message that I’m passing it along to you. John wrote to me and said,


“Great article Jeff…Made me think of the days I was “knocking on doors” and following up with my customers.


My grandson is in sales, and I met him the other day for lunch and gave him a tie pin that was given to me by a Sales Manager many years ago. On the pin are the letters YCDBSOYA. This means “You can’t do business sitting on your Assets” (of course some people change the last word). He loved it and I said, THAT’S what sales is all about. You’ve got to work at it!


John is right! Sales is not a spectator sport. After a conversation yesterday, with my incredible partner, I realized that to a certain extent I’VE been sitting on the sidelines. It’s not that I’m (or you are) bad or wrong for doing so, it’s simply that it’s unlikely to produce the results we all want, and need, from our chosen career. Want better results? GET OFF YOUR ASSETS AND DO SOMETHING.


My friend and mentor, Steve Bookbinder (one of the three smartest humans I personally know, the funniest human I personally know and the greatest trainer I’ve ever seen) told me early on in our friendship about something he had been hoping to find when he first started out in advertising sales.


As a newbie, he looked to the “top dog” in the office for tips on how to be successful. This sales superstar would come into the office each day, hang his hat on a coat rack (Yes, this happened a LONG time ago, when men wore hats!), put his feet up on his desk, open the paper and being to read it while sipping coffee. After a while his phone would ring, and he’d write up an order for some advertising a customer wanted. He’d then resume his reading until the phone rang again, which it did…over and over. Steve decided that what he wanted to find was, “One of those ringing phones.”

What Steve wasn’t seeing was the years of work the top rep had invested, in prospecting and developing relationships, which was what got him to the point where his phone rang enough to bring him enough business to achieve his sales goals.


I want one of those phones too…I simply haven’t found it yet. Does my phone ring? You bet it does. I have lots of happy current and previous clients. They use my services and they recommend me to others, and I appreciate their trust and each and every piece of business they bring me. But, it’s not enough to support my family. For most of us, we must be consistently proactive in order to develop more business. 




I often advise attendees at cold calling workshops, when we discuss objections and rebuttals, that, “These rebuttals I’m teaching you don’t work…………………UNLESS YOU USE THEM!” The same applies to prospecting. It doesn’t work if you don’t do it.


GET OFF YOUR ASSETS and take massive action today. Your sales future depends on it. (Mine too)