Train-the-Trainer Program

E-Center LITrain-the-Trainer Program

The Sales Manager as Strategist, Trainer & Coach

Your Sales Manager, the person who the sales team reports to on a daily basis, is the key to success in your organization. Too often, Sales Managers are salespeople who got promoted, but were never trained. We’ll give them a solid dose of Sales Management 101!

The complaint we hear about Corporate Trainers is that they lack credibility and charisma. Even the greatest material will fall flat if not delivered to your team in a way that entertains and engages them. We’ll help your trainers become better presenters and facilitators.

Sales Managers will learn:
  • The role of the Sales Manager
  • Developing respect
  • Motivating change
  • Creating the “coaching environment”
  • Professional vs. Personal Goals
  • Metrics and how to use them
  • Time management for reps and managers
  • Conducting Pipeline reviews
  • Conducting a Sales meeting
  • Conducting a Coaching meeting
  • and much more!

The Corporate Trainer as Master Facilitator

Corporate Trainers will learn:
  • The art of engagement
  • The appropriate use of humor
  • Facilitation vs. Training
  • In, Out & Through
  • Reinforcing training to make it stick
  • Accelerated Learning techniques
  • Command Mode
  • and much more!
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