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Corporate Sales training that accelerates your business.

Off-the-shelf training has its place, but training produces better results when it fits the world and situations particular to the specific organization and industry. We’re entrepreneurs and business-owners ourselves, and we deliver to your team what we’d want for ours. All too often, trainers and consultants come into an organization but haven’t studied their language, their processes or their culture. NOT US!!! We interview management and sales reps prior to our work with you. When possible, we attend sales calls in advance of the training to learn your world. Understanding key metrics, prospecting activity, current processes, competitive challenges, goals and the overall morale of the sales team is critical to us tailoring a dynamic corporate sales training that your most seasoned reps and your newest hires will both enjoy and, more importantly, put into practice immediately to increase their skills, results and income.

Deliver Laser-Focused Trainings To Hit Specific Targets

While sales is sales, no matter what you’re selling, specific training that addresses your specific challenges and goals is what gets real results. We want to be perfectly clear: Corporate Sales Training by itself doesn’t work. Training PLUS reinforcement is what brings about substantial return on your investment. We deliver training that brings about behavioral changes to achieve specific growth. Our experience in working with executives, in a vast array of industries and situations, demonstrates that almost all sales organizations struggle with these areas: #1 PROSPECTING – Getting opportunities for the sales team to meet with decision-makers, #2 HIRING AND RETAINING SALES PROS – Finding and recruiting top-performers or reps that can be turned into top-performers and keeping them on board, #3 CLOSING BUSINESS FROM NEW AND EXISTING CUSTOMERS – Consistently bringing in profitable sales to ensure growth and continuity.


Accurate numbers never lie, people do. All too often, the greatest “sales pitch” reps give is to their manager during the weekly review of their pipeline. They promise the world (“Everything is going to close soon and close big!”) but often don’t deliver, leaving management scratching their heads when the forecast is off, again. We train people to go from sales reps to sales pros. Professionals are disciplined to studying, growing, prospecting, selling and reporting their key performance indicators (KPI) and sales. Amateurs “wing it.” Our sales training programs and Outsourced Sales Management demands that sales professionals know their real numbers and are happy to share them with management in order to be coached to greater success.

Our Professional Prospecting programs provide insight into what works and what doesn't, and develop the skillsets salespeople need to give themselves more opportunities to sell. Your sales people will walk away equipped to build a well-developed pipeline of opportunities. .


Professional Prospecting Programs

Prospecting, or the ability to get meetings with decision-makers to discuss potential new business. is the #1 problem according to the CEO's and other Sales Leaders we meet with on a daily basis. Consistent, effective prospecting solves many, if not most, sales challenges. We teach a ``blended approach`` to prospecting that gets results.

The typical salesperson, which is THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO BE, tends to ``show up and throw up``...explaining why their product or service is the best, their company is the best and why any prospect who doesn't do business with them is an idiot. Perhaps not in those words, but that's the way the prospect is made to feel. The best salespeople always have these three qualities. They're: 1) The best Question-Askers. 2) The best Listeners. 3) The best Storytellers. We transform fair salespeople into good salespeople, and take average salespeople from good to great by focusing on these three areas, and much more!


Conversational Selling Skills Programs

Sales is a conversation, or series of conversations, leading to help someone choose to do business with you. Rather than ``pitching`` the prospect, we believe that if you ask the right questions, and listen actively, the prospect will tell you everything you need to know in order to help them choose to become your customer.

In the world of selling, the more you learn the more you earn. Our advanced training programs are like nothing your team has ever experienced, combining selling skills with personal growth and development. We dive deep into your business, and customize these programs for immediate implementation and maximum results.


Advanced Programs

Advanced programs challenge, and push, sales professionals beyond their personal expectations and help them grow to new levels of achievement in record time. After mastering the fundamentals, we work with sales professionals to take them to new heights of excellence and success. Our advanced program are your PhD in sales!

As a company we take strategic planning, innovation, and product or service launch planning to the next level. Our Business Design Experts will help lead you through a proven process of planning and implementation that will propel your business to the next level!


Planning & Innovation Programs

Most people over-plan a day and under-plan a year. There are only so many hours in a day and days in a year and only so many ways to prospect and close sales. Proper planning and effective time management are critical to the success of the sales rep and organization.

Investing in the development of your Sales Managers and Internal Trainers is one of the most important, and rewarding, investments your company can make.


Train-the-Trainer Programs

In most organizations, Sales Managers are top salespeople who were rewarded with a management role, but were never trained in the art and science of leading a sales team. Internal Sales Trainers are often boring and lack both real-world experience and the respect of the sales team.

We are experts, entertainers, educators, facilitators and so much more. Our team-building programs will inspire your people and have them working together like never before! Great for morale, employee satisfaction and retention & these programs are lots of fun while teaching valuable lessons in such areas as Leadership, Communication skills, Team work and Prototyping.


Ultimate Team-Building Programs

Everyone and every team needs a ``pep talk`` sometimes. The problem is, inspirational/motivational speakers are often forgotten. Our programs will inspire your team, make a real difference and be remembered for years to come.

Our Mission Is Clear: We Help Salespeople Feed Themselves and Their Families

We are inspired by the work we do and honored by the faith that business leaders place in us to help them grow sales. Working with sales professionals is a huge responsibility, and one we don’t take lightly. Organizations trust us to help them increase sales and develop their sales force. We’re reminded of this responsibility on an almost daily basis, when we receive calls and emails from salespeople and their managers letting us know that something we taught them worked and helped them to close a deal, exceed their quota, earn more money and provide for themselves and their family. Our purpose is clear…we help salespeople, and the organizations they work for, achieve and exceed their goals and dreams.

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