Sales Training Is Not An Expense...It's a Smart Investment

Intelligent leaders hire us to help them achieve measurable, and sustainable, sales growth. We provide customized sales training that improves the prospecting, selling and pipeline management skillsets of both seasoned sales representatives and the most junior new hires. Our game-changing programs improve performance, are easy-to-implement and get your sales team to achieve, and exceed, your revenue goals. As part of our strategic process, our team will interview multiple stakeholders within your organization to understand your needs, your challenges, your world and any potential areas for improvement and development. Companies work with us to grow the number one core competency of any business – Sales! It’s an investment that pays big dividends.

Dynamic Sales Training

In our professional experience, all Sales Trainings and Sales Trainers are NOT created equal. Besides substantial, successful experience in sales and sales management, our trainers diverse backgrounds include theatre, stand-up comedy, Master Facilitation and global motivational speaking; making our people uniquely qualified to engage and entertain your team while they learn to improve their skills, their drive & ambition. Our trainers are Sales and Training Rock Stars, and they understand salespeople and the world they live in.

Outsourced Sales Management

Sales training doesn't work without hardcore accountability. We receive rave reviews from corporate leaders who use our Outsourced Sales Management services. From interviewing to hiring, training to reinforcement, metrics, motivating, coaching, accountability and much more we'll take the Sales Management function off your hands so you can focus on managing the rest of your business, while we focus on your sales. We provide sales management solutions that deliver Top Line Growth at a monthly investment that will make you money!

Training Reinforcement

Sales training doesn't work. Better said, sales training without substantial reinforcement doesn't work. Expecting any trainer to come in for a day or two and deliver substantial sales increases is like expecting to go to the gym once or twice, doing a few curls and expecting to look like Arnold simply doesn't work that way. It takes time, effort and commitment. Our trainings are designed to deliver substantial ROI and, when combined with our reinforcement programs, offer you the best chance of success in the shortest time.

Measurable & Sustainable Sales Increases

We understand the art & science of selling!

Tired of salespeople who have plenty of excuses but little closed business? Our innovative sales training workshops deliver measurable and sustainable sales team increases. We’ll work with your team in a way that will entertain, and engage, them while they learn how to prospect and sell better resulting in them getting more appointments with Decision-Makers, having a shorter sales cycle, and closing more business…more profitably! A CEO in Oregon recently told us he saw a 20% increase in closed business within 90 days after we started working with his team!

Most Sales Trainers Are Boring!

It takes no talent to be boring!

All sales training companies have methodologies, processes and techniques they teach but very few trainers understand how adults learn. Of course we have a proven methodology, of course we teach tips, tools and strategies that work, but we also know the importance of energy in an adult learning environment. At the end of the day, learning requires ENERGY. We employ Accelerated Learning Techniques (ALT) that help adults process information more effectively and helps them to retain what they’ve learned. When combined with our reinforcement process, sales teams see the real results you’re looking for when you invest in training…increased sales!

Can’t Build a High-Performing Team? We Can!

The #2 challenge sales leaders face is recruiting and retaining sales reps who consistently achieve, and exceed, their quota. With our Outsourced Sales Management offering we continually assist our clients with interviewing, hiring, and building successful sales teams. Great organizations are built of great people, but if you don’t know how to find good reps, interview, hire, train and retain them, you waste a lot of time and a load of money chasing sales success. We help you to invest that time and effort wisely, and profitably, and get you off the “disappointing salespeople who come and go” rollercoaster.

Ecstatic Customers with Real-World Sales Results

After a two day corporate sales training and retreat our team has never been more excited for the year ahead. Our team SELF-GENERATED over 20 initial meetings with influencers in two weeks. In prior years we self generated less than 10 annually.

Jon A.  (CEO)

I am honored to have the partnership we have with E Center Training. Our organization has never been more focused and poised to get our 52 sales professionals to exceed quota.

Eliza F.  (General Manager of Americas)

20% increase in closed deals within three months of working with you. Literally!

Rick J.  (Chairman & CEO)

Developing Sales Pros

This year, in our corporate sales training programs, we'll train thousands of sales professionals to get at least a 20% increase in sales. We make our mark in companies by training salespeople who want more for themselves and their families.


Outsourced Sales Mgmt.

Top CEO’s and business owners invest in our Outsourced Sales Management for ongoing accountability that works. These business leaders get back approximately 37% of their time to focus on their business, while we focus on their sales.


Sales Reps Exceeding Quota

There is no KPI more important than sales professionals we work with exceeding quota. Your success is our success and, typically, more than 2/3 of the reps we work with exceed their quota!


Sales Training Goal

Companies hire us to deliver custom sales training that increases the top line. In 2016 we will deliver sales trainings and sales retreats internationally that create 100% ecstatic customers.

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